Why Spoil Your View

Why Spoil your View

How exciting, you’ve had a new pool installed in the backyard of your Gold Coast home and are looking at installing pool fencing.  Look no further than Mermaid Fencing, we have a large range of pool fencing options available to choose from and years of industry experience to draw upon. 

Mermaid Fencing are the experts in installing pool fencing on the Gold Coast. We’ve been installing pool fencing for our many satisfied Gold Coast customers for a number of years, keeping up to date of new product technology and design trends to ensure we stay ahead of the game. 

Your new pool is a huge investment so it pays to consider the type of pool fencing you choose could impact on the ability to look into the pool area as well as looking out from the pool area.  Mermaid Fencing discuss some options available in pool fencing so you don’t spoil your view. 

Frameless glass pool fencing is a perfect solution if you want to maximise the view to your pool or from your pool. Large frameless glass panels offer a stylish, strong and modern design to your pool area, allowing for a sense of spaciousness and light as there are no obstructive panels or frames. Frameless glass pool fencing is incredibly strong and safe as we use only top quality glass panels that provides an effective, clear barrier to your pool area whilst providing a stunning contemporary look. Very popular with homeowners, frameless glass pool fencing is the ultimate in modern pool fencing design providing a luxurious fencing system, not just for pool areas but balconies and alfresco areas also. 

Mermaid Fencing can also install semi frameless pool fencing which is a system of large glass panels that sit inside a semi frame.  The semi frames come in a range of designer colours to suit your outdoor décor and provide a perfect way to integrate the pool fence with your pool area. Providing excellent strength with quality glass panels and frames that are designed to last the test of time, semi frameless pool fencing can provide a stunning feature to your pool or outdoor area, allowing for view to the pool and from the pool.

If you like the look of glass panels but prefer a frame, Mermaid Fencing can install glass balustrades.  Top quality glass safety panels framed by a rust resistant metal frame, glass balustrades come available in a range of designer colours to complement your pool or outdoor area and retain views whilst providing safety and security. Glass balustrades are also a popular choice for homeowners where balconies overlook pool areas as well. 

As you can see Mermaid Fencing have a number of pool fencing options available so you don’t obstruct the view from your pool area.  Talk to the local and professional pool fencing company, Mermaid Fencing.  We will ensure you choose the right pool fencing option for your new, sparking pool!

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