Safety First

Pool fencing is there for a reason – Safety. All pool fences must be compliant with pool fencing regulations or your pool fencing will not be deemed safe as per government standards.

At Mermaid Fencing we guarantee that all our pool fencing installations are fully compliant and meet the government criteria of safety barriers. We have been in the pool fencing business for over 30 years and we are equipped with up to date knowledge of all the legal requirements and pool fencing regulations that are in place.

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Pool Fencing Safety Factsheet

Whilst you might have perfectly compliant pool fencing, there are other factors that could mean you are not meeting the required safety standards, such as having climbable objects within close proximity to the pool. Familiarising yourself with the government compliance standards, is not only a great way to safeguard yourself, but to ensure the safety of others.

To check if your pool fencing is compliant check out the government link below.

We listen to you

At Mermaid Fencing we work in consultation with all our customers to ensure their pool fencing is always government compliant, but more importantly, safe.

At Mermaid Fencing, we’re your local friendly fencers; but what does that mean? It means, we love taking the time to get to know you, so we can give you the best advice based on your lifestyle. We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to yours and your family’s safety.

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