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Pool fencing is all about safety first and aesthetics second; but there is no reason you can’t have both. Mermaid Fencing has a reputation for being one of the best pool fencing suppliers and installers on the Gold Coast, because of their commitment to combining safety and style.

We ensure all our pool fencing installations for new pools and existing pools pass the safety regulations put in place by the government, and you receive your pool fence certification. We offer consultations for fence design and advise our customers on what will be required to ensure the pool fence and boundary fences meet the government’s regulations.

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A Third-Party Inspector

Every new pool and pool fencing installation has to pass safety tests by a third-party inspector. The inspector will look over the pool itself, the immediate pool area, and the inspector will also ensure that the pool fencing is in compliance with government regulations. Pool areas that pass the test, customers are issued with a Pool Safety Certificate – Form 17 for new pools and a Form 23 for existing pools.

Once a pool fence is installed, we can arrange for an independent private pool fence inspector on your behalf to come to your home to examine the fence. This can be all part of your pool fencing package when you have your fence installed by Mermaid Fencing. When the fence passes the inspector’s test, a Final Inspection Certificate (Swimming Pools and Swimming Pool Safety Barriers – Form 23) will be issued.

Our Guarantee to You

At Mermaid Fencing we guarantee all our pool fencing will pass the test and be compliant with government safety regulations. We have been in the pool fencing business for more than three decades, so we know the law and understand what is required. Ensure your new pool fencing is up to code. Entrust your pool fencing to Mermaid Fencing and we will help you through each step in getting the necessary certification.

Please click on the government link for further information on pool safety regulations and registering your pool today.

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