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Nothing beats jumping into your pool on a warm summer’s day, and here on the Gold Coast it’s a great way to fight the heat and humidity.
One of the best ways to keep your pool fun is to be compliant. Nothing kills the fun than a hefty fine, or worse the safety of a child or pet being putting at risk.
All pools must comply with government regulations. New and existing pools are held to the same standard, so talk to the team at Mermaid Fencing on the Gold Coast, it might be time to discuss your pool fencing options.

What is Frameless Glass Fencing?

Just as the name suggests, it’s a glass fence that is frameless. This allows for maximum viewing of the pool area without your sight being impeded by poles or frames, rails or struts. Even the gates can be hinged off of the glass panels without the need for glass posts. Some versions of frameless glass pool fencing do have a handrail along the top. We offer styles that are simply sheets of thick, strong glass attached to supports set into the ground. This leaves the fence with clean, clear lines and perfect visibility.
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Frameless glass pool fencing is a stunning feature for any property, and really is the perfect complement to a beautiful swimming pool and pool area. Having unobstructed vision through the entire fence adds a sense of space, without the pool having that closed in feel about it. It’s the perfect harmony between safety and absolute viewing freedom. Provided there is a solid foundation for the fence supports to be fastened to, it is a great choice for your pool fencing needs. It can be used on decks and alfresco areas, and on concrete or tiled concrete areas.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is the Clear Choice

Add a unique touch of class to your home and pool area. Talk to Mermaid Fencing on the Gold Coast about our range of frameless glass pool fencing today. While it’s a little more expensive than some other varieties of pool fencing, it really is the ultimate choice for a pool fence that is a class above all others.
Thinking frameless glass pool fencing? Talk to Mermaid Fencing.

Variations in Spigots

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