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Mermaid Fencing offers all of our glass and aluminium pool fencing installation and repair services to all areas of Casuarina Beach and its surrounding suburbs. Our experience and expertise in the pool fencing industry ensures that each and every one of our Casuarina Beach customers receives an exceptional quality service.

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Our Casuarina Beach Pool Fencing Services Include:
* Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
* When looking for completely unobstructed views of your Casuarina Beach homes pool, then frameless glass pool fencing is the perfect solution for you. This style of fencing will provide perfect visibility from inside and outside of your pool and yard.
* Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
* When you are wanting unobstructed views, but are looking for something slightly more cost-effective than a frameless fence, semi frameless glass pool fencing is the choice for you. It will still give you clear glass views of your Casuarina Beach pool, just with vertical support posts between each of the glass panes.
* Aluminium Pool Fencing
* As the most cost-effective option, if you are on a budget aluminium pool fencing is the right choice for you. It will still offer you a great view in and out of your Casuarina Beach pool and yard.
* Glass Pool Fencing Repairs
* Our years of experience in the pool fencing industry, means we are experts at installation and repairs as well. If your Casuarina Beach pool fencing has some damage, we can repair and restore your fence to pristine condition.
No matter if its installation or repair, if your Casuarina Beach home or property is in need of a pool fence, Mermaid Fencing has you covered. We will travel to you in order to get an in-person assessment of your precise location and requirements for a quote. Our friendly and experienced team combined with our fully stocked warehouse, ensures that all of our clients’ needs and requirements are met with excellence and completed within the specified timeframes.
Make your Casuarina pool the shimmering statement of your New South Wales home with a stunning fence. We have a variety of pool fencing options to suit any style, décor, budget or layout. For an excellent frameless glass pool fencing, semi frameless glass pool fencing or aluminium pool fencing installation service for your Casuarina Beach property, give Mermaid Fencing a call.

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