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What type of pool fencing is best for me?

Just installed a new pool or want to upgrade your current pool fencing? The team at Mermaid fencing have put together a list of the most common pool fencing options to help you decide which option is bets for you and your home.

Aluminium pool fencing

Aluminium pool fencing is the most durable of all pool fencing types. Semi-private, affordable and reasonably stylish, aluminium fencing can be purchased in a range of different colours to suit your home. It is important to note however, that aluminium pool fencing tends to corrode in joints and where it attaches to the pool deck or ground. This type of fencing is also easier to climb than other pool fencing, which can present a risk for small children.

Frameless glass pool fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing allows for maximum viewing and unobstructed views of your pool area. The large panes of glass are completed unimpeded by poles, frames, rails or struts. Frameless glass fencing is constructed of thick, strong glass attached to supports set into the ground. The downside to this fencing is ongoing maintenance. To keep your glass looking its best you will need to clean it regularly.

Semi frameless glass pool fencing

Slightly cheaper than frameless glass pool fencing, but more pricey than aluminium pool fencing, this is a great investment. Utilising solid sheets of strong, quality clear glass set between silver support posts, a semi frameless glass pool fence is a contemporary and ultra-modern choice. Like all glass pool fencing, semi frameless glass needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent smudge marks and grease build-up.
Want to install or renew pool fencing in your Gold Coast or Northern NSW home? Want to know what pool fencing is suitable for my pool or what pool fencing looks good? Contact Mermaid Fencing today. We supply a range of quality and compliant pool fencing to homes across Brisbane, Northern NSW and the Gold Coast.

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