Top 5 Pool Games

Top 5 pool games

In the beautiful sub-tropical weather that we are blessed with in Queensland, a pool is a great place to spend the majority of your time.

After diving in a cooling off, you might want to add a splash of fun with our top five pool games.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a great game that is loved by young and old, but it is as famous for fun as it is infamous for cheating. The object of the game is for one person to close their eyes and tried to find the other players in the pool. The only thing the player has to help them find the other people in the pool is that they can yell out ‘Marco’, while the other players in the pool must reply, ‘Polo’. However, it’s not uncommon for the seeker to take a sneaky peek or for the players in the pool to remain silent when the seeker is close by. Nevertheless, no childhood is complete without this game.

Chicken fight

This is best played with parents or older kids that can hold each other’s body weight. Usually parents are against you throwing your sibling or friends down, but that is the very nature of the game, luckily with a soft landing (stay well clear of the pool walls when playing). With a child on your shoulders and one on your opponents, the object is to get the other off the shoulders and into the pool.

What’s the time Mr Wolf

This is a great game that will keep the kids entertained for ages. The children all line up against the pool wall, whilst someone stands at the opposite end of the pool. All the children lined up on the wall will ask the question, “What’s the time Mr Wolf”, and the other will specify a time. If it’s one o’ clock all the kids will move forward one step, if its two o’ clock all the kids will move forward two steps and so on and so forth. Until Mr Wolf shouts, it’s lunchtime!! Once Mr Wolf yells ‘it’s lunchtime’ usually this is met with laughs and giggles as the kids need to swim back to the wall without being tagged by Mr Wolf. Whoever is tagged is then Mr Wolf.

Coins at the bottom of the pool

Being careful not to clog up your filters or your ‘creepy crawly’ throw a handful of change into the pool. The kids can dive down and collect the coins. It’s a great way for them to practice their under-water swimming whilst you get some peace and quiet.

Floaty race

Ready, steady, GO!!! With your floats at the ready, each person lines up in a bid to beat the others to the other side of the pool using any floatation device they have at their disposal. This is a great game that is enjoyed by young and old.

Enjoy the pool safely. Ensure you always supervise young children and that your pool fencing is compliant. Call Mermaid Fencing on 0406 728 704 on the Gold Coast for an instant, obligation free consultation.

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