Pool Fence Need Earthed

Does my pool fence need to be earthed?

This is a common question asked to Mermaid Fencing, “does my pool fence need to be earthed”? The answer is yes, given some conditions that are set out in the regulations of the Wiring Rules Standard AS/NZ3000.

If a Gold Coast homeowner is installing a pool and the pool fence and its support structure is constructed less than 1250mm (125cms) from the pool water edge, then the pool fence and or fence posts within that defined area will need to be earthed or bonded.

Bonding joins together all the conductive parts in and near the pool, such as the pool fencing, steel reinforcing in the shell of the pool, any handrails, electrical equipment and any other fixed conductive material near a pool and connects them all to an earthing point.

By earthing the pool fence and other conductive material to an earthing point, it will significantly reduce the risk of electric shock in the event there is an electrical fault. As we all know, electricity and water do not mix.

A licensed electrician can assess the compliance with the Wiring Rules Standard and if the pool will need to be earthed when installed or if repairs are undertaken.

It is important to only have a highly experienced and professional pool fencing company such as Mermaid Fencing undertake your pool fencing installation and repairs.  We keep abreast of all the latest regulations and provide certifications on our pool fencing installation so you can be confident your pool fencing complies with all local regulations.

If you need an expert opinion and installation or repairs of pool fencing ranging from aluminium, to frameless glass, semi frameless glass to glass balustrades, Mermaid Fencing on the Gold Coast is your one stop shop!

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