Pool Fence Compliant

Is Your Pool Fence Compliant?

Pool fencing compliance is a must for all Australian homes. These safety standards dictate the height and strength of barriers, compulsory non-climbable zones, gates and appropriate latching requirements preventing direct access from a building to a pool area. Penalties for non-compliant pool fencing are costly and can be issued on-the-spot or court mandated.


The minimum height from the ground to the top of pool fencing must be at least 1200mm. The maximum gap from the level to the bottom of a fence should be 100mm. There should be a single gap of at least 900mm between any horizontal rails on the fencing, and the gaps in theses verticals must not exceed 100mm. Where there is no gap between horizontal rails of at least 900mm, the horizontal rails must be on the inside of the fencing and not exceed 10mm in width.


Pool gates cannot open inwards to the pool area and must be both self-closing and self-latching. Latches must be at least 1500mm from the ground and 1400mm from the top part of lower horizontal railings, otherwise the latch must be located inside (so adults can reach over). Pool gate hinges wider than 10mm should be 900mm apart or fitted with non-climbable safety caps.

Climbable zones

For fences less than 1800mm high, any climbable objects (chairs, sun lounges, pot plants etc.) must be a minimum 900mm away from the pool fencing on the outside. If vertical fencing is more than 10mm apart, climbable objects must be at least 300mm away on the inside. For unlevel properties or properties with retailing walls, you must ensure that the fence is far enough away these climbable zones.
If you are worried that your pool fencing isn’t compliant, then call Mermaid Fencing today. We offer a range of compliant pool fencing, including aluminium, frameless glass and semi frameless glass and service the Gold Coast and Northern NSW area.

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