Keep Glass Pool Fencing Looking Best

How to Keep Your Glass Pool Fencing Looking Its Best

Glass pool fencing offers uninterrupted views of your pool and adds to your home’s aesthetics. To keep your glass pool fencing looking as good as possible, it’s important to clean the surface regularly with appropriate cleaning products and materials. To help, the team at Mermaid Fencing have put together these simple cleaning tips.

Avoid commercial glass cleaners

While commercial glass cleaners are great for mirrors and windows, they tend to leave residue behind. While this is not noticeable indoors, it can appear very smudgy in bright sunlight outdoors.

Treat your glass like your dishes

The best solution for cleaning your glass pool fencing is similar to what you’d clean your dishes with – warm water and dishwashing liquid. This will dissolve grease without corroding the surface of the glass.

Use appropriate cleaning materials

Glass can scratch very easily, so it’s very important that you avoid using any harsh cleaning materials (such as scouring pads or textured cloths). Your best option is to use a soft sponge and microfibre cloth. Use the sponge for washing and the microfibre cloth for drying.

Spot clean as necessary

On the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, we are blessed with an abundance of wildlife, but this comes at a cost. Birds and flying foxes tend to leave their droppings all over fences and walls. If you notice animal dropping on your glass pool fencing clean it up as soon as possible, as they are extremely corrosive.
Want to install glass pool fencing? Contact Mermaid Fencing today. We offer both frameless and semi frameless designs for the best possible prices. If you have any questions about pool fencing installation or maintenance, feel free to give us a call. Our friendly team are always happy to help.

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