Fun Pool Games Play Kids

Fun Pool Games to Play with The Kids

If your kids love the pool, then it’s best to be prepared with some awesome pool games to keep them entertained.

Treasure dives

This one is great for more confident swimmers. Simply pick up some fake jewels or stones from a discount store and then scatter them at the bottom of the pool. Kids then take turns diving down to the bottom to collect the treasure. To make the game more exciting you can reward the winner with a small prize (like a lollipop or juice box).

Marco Polo

A true classic for kids and adults, the rules of the game are simple. One person must close their eyes and call out “Marco” and the remanding people must answer ‘Polo’. The person with their eyes closed must use their hearing to locate the others and try to tag them. When playing this game, you can exit the water, but if the person with their eyes closed believes someone has left the water, they can call ‘fish out of water’. If someone is out of the water, they are ‘it’.

Floatie race

Simply buy whatever pool floatie you can get your hands on, tubes, lounges, noodles or inflatable animals and let you kids race from one side of the pool to the other. The more ridiculous the pool floatie the better.

Air ball

A simple game but a good one. Simply purchase an inflatable beach ball and you’re all set. The aim of the game is to keep the ball in the air by bouncing it from one person to the other. Don’t let it touch the water!

Ships, submarines and torpedoes

One person is ‘it’ and stands in the middle of the pool. The others stand at one end of the pool and must attempt to cross to the other side without getting tagged. The person who’s it can choose how the others cross the water. If they shout ‘Ships’, the others must float on top of the water. If they shout ‘Submarines’, they must cross at the very bottom of the pool and if they shout ‘Torpedoes’, they must cross the pool at mid depth.
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