Dos Donts Pool Supervision

Do’s and Don’ts of Pool Supervision

Swimming in your backyard pool is one of the highlights of being a kid in Australia. While pool time is always fun, there are lots of risks that you as an adult should be aware of. That’s why Mermaid Fencing has complied a list of do’s and don’ts for pool supervision.

Don’t allow children to swim unattended

This is the number one rule for supervising children. While it can be easy to just duck into the house for some sunscreen or to grab a book, that’s enough time for things to go horribly wrong. To avoid this temptation plan ahead and bring along anything you will need for the pool session including floats, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and goggles.

Do enforce strict pool rules

While we want pool time to be as fun as possible for the kids, it’s also important that there are rules in place. Good pool rules to enforce include: not running near the pool, always swimming with a buddy and always asking an adult before you swim. This is especially important for older children and young teenagers that can access the pool themselves.

Do secure potential hazards

Before children are allowed into the pool areas, ensure that any hazardous chemicals or solutions are safely stored away. Make sure that you tidy up any pool toys that are left scattered around your pool’s edge, so they don’t become trip hazards.

Do ensure that your pool fencing is up to scratch

There’s a good reason that Australia has strict regulations on pool fencing for residential homes. These regulations ensure that children cannot enter the pool area by themselves, thus significantly decreasing the risk of drowning. By having regulation pool fencing, you create a safe barrier around your pool in case the kids manage to get outside without you noticing.
If you want to repair or upgrade your pool fencing, then contact Mermaid Fencing today. Specially designed to protect the lives of young children, we guarantee all our pool fencing is compliant with government regulations. We service Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW homes.

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