Cleaning Pool Fence

Cleaning your pool fence

It’s that time of year again, time to clean the pool fence.  Ideally pool fences should be cleaned more than once a year and with frameless, semi frameless and glass balustrades we recommend a more regular clean at 3 – 6 monthly intervals.

Mermaid Fencing on the Gold Coast, share some tips on how to clean your pool fence depending on the type of pool fencing you have.

Frameless Glass

Mermaid fencing recommend using hot soapy water and a microfiber cloth to clean frameless glass pool fencing. Rinse the frameless glass pane first, wash with hot soapy water (dishwashing liquid is fine) using the microfiber cloth to clean off dirt and residue, then rinse clean.  We suggest thoroughly drying the frameless glass pool fencing with another clean and dry microfiber cloth or use a squeegee so no streaks are left on the glass to etch the panel.

Semi frameless Glass

Using the same technique as Mermaid Fencing have recommended for frameless glass pool fencing, clean the metal frame with the same hot soapy water solution and a microfiber cloth. Thoroughly dry the semi frameless glass to protect from etching and wipe dry the metal frame.

Glass Balustrades

Regularly rinsing with water first, washing with a hot soapy water solution and a microfiber cloth before rinsing again and thoroughly drying the glass and all parts to the frame will ensure your glass balustrades will continue to look like new well into the future.


Aluminium pool fencing installed by Mermaid Fencing, with proper care, can last a life time. To clean, brush off any cobwebs with a soft brush, rinse off with water and use a hot soapy water solution and a microfiber cloth.  Rinse well and allow to air dry.

With some regular cleaning to maintain your pool fencing, whether it is frameless glass, semi frameless glass, glass balustrades or aluminium, you will ensure your pool fencing will remain in good condition and maintain it aesthetic appeal for many years to come. If you are still unsure about cleaning your pool fencing, give Mermaid Fencing, the pool fencing experts a call.

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