Chlorine Vs Saltwater Pools

Chlorine Vs. Salt Water Pools

Before you invest in a pool it’s important you do some research. The two most common pool types available are saltwater pools and chlorine pools. Both pools have their own unique benefits and challenges.

Chlorine pools

Chlorine pools are the most common pools in Australia. Chlorine pools rely on maintaining a safe balance of chemicals, the primary chemical of course being chlorine. Chlorine breaks down into hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and hypochlorite ion (OCl-) which both work to kill microorganisms and bacteria.
Chlorine pools are cheaper to install than saltwater pools but are often costly to maintain. Chemicals are very expensive, especially if you get an outbreak of algae or blackspot. Furthermore, chlorine has a very distinctive smell that many people find unpleasant or overwhelming.
Chlorine is however the most effective way to sanitise water and does not damage masonry or pool accessories in the same way that saltwater pools do.

Saltwater pool

Contrary to popular belief, salt water pools are not free of chlorine. Unlike chlorine pools which rely on large amounts of chlorine dumped into the pool, a saltwater pool electrically converts pool salt into chlorine. A salt water pool system is perhaps more accurately referred to as a salt “chlorine” generator or salt water chlorinator system.
Salt water pools do however have much lower levels of chlorine, making the water easier on the eyes and skin. They also require less maintenance as the salt cell produces enough chlorine as needed.
The cost of a salt water pool is cheaper to run than a traditional chlorine pool as you save money on chemicals, however after three or four years you may find yourself replacing wood decking, metal fixtures or the pool’s chlorine generator cell. The initial installation cost may also be more.
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