5 Benefits of a Pool

5 benefits of having a pool

There are so many benefits to getting a pool that it’s hard to narrow it down to just five, but here are Mermaid Fencing’s top five reasons for getting a pool.

  1. With children so engrossed in technology these days it can be hard to get their attention. A pool offers an environment that is free from technology and offers back to basics fun! Pools are a great place for family fun. With so many pool games, you’ll be sure to spend the long summer days having a ball.
  2. You might not realise it but all those laps you’re doing, splashing around and pool games are great exercise. Whilst being gentle on your joints, swimming is a great overall workout. You’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you’re even exercising.
  3. Pools are very popular in the Queensland heat, so it stands to reason that having one can improve the value of your home. With the heat and humidity, it makes sense that your crystal blue pool would be a big selling point with potential buyers.
  4. Want your children to be water-safe? Having a pool in the back yard generally means your kids learn to swim from a very young age. What child can resist the pool?
  5. Modern day living doesn’t come without it’s stresses. With work, social commitments, children and the bills, sometimes just being around a body of water can make you feel a little calmer. Dive in and get the full therapeutic effects of water, add in some gentle stretching and feel your stresses float away.

If you are going to get a pool it does need to be fenced by law, but that does not mean it can’t look amazing. Call Mermaid Fencing and see the beautiful pool fencing options we have available for you. Call for an instant, obligation free consultation.

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