Importance CPR sign

Importance of having a CPR sign

Mermaid Fencing’s mission is to provide top quality, safe and secure pool fencing to ensure the safety of all pool users.  We keep up to date with emerging product technologies and pool fencing safety regulations, so we remain fully compliant at all times.  After all, pool fencing is essential in saving lives.

Apart from having an approved pool fencing system that has achieved certification, there is another regulation for new pool installations. This is a CPR sign. Not everybody has been able to do the latest CPR course, so it is now a legal requirement that a CPR sign is affixed to your pool fence, providing lifesaving instructions in the event of an emergency.

Unfortunately, drownings in children are still a common occurrence in Gold Coast backyard pools and it can take just seconds for an infant or toddler to drown.

By having a CPR sign in your pool area, you reduce the chance of a catastrophe occurring should a child be able to receive CPR straight away.  Precious seconds and minutes are gained as CPR can be administered immediately by simply following the diagrams and instructions on the CPR sign.

In fact, the CPR sign must fulfil the following lawful requirements:

  • show how to perform CPR
  • be attached to the safety barrier of the pool, or displayed near the pool, so that the sign is easily visible to a person near the pool
  • be at least 300mm by 300mm in size
  • be made of durable and weatherproof material
  • include a prominent statement explaining how to act in an emergency (e.g. call 000, stay with the injured person, provide first aid)

Have CPR instructions clearly displayed on the pool fencing prevents delays occurring, waiting for these lifesaving instructions to be delivered down the phone via a 000 call or waiting for an ambulance to arrive. The lifesaving intervention of CPR should be administered within precious minutes to save a person’s life.

Mermaid Fencing advise all our new pool fencing clients of the regulation to securely affix a CPR sign to their pool fencing before swimming commences. To ensure the unthinkable doesn’t occur in your own back yard pool, Mermaid Fencing highly recommends you install a CPR sign today if you haven’t done so already!

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