How much does a pool fence cost?

On average, a pool fence can cost most homeowners anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000+ to purchase and install. The price is typically dependant on the cost per linear foot and the quality of supplies being used. The type of company you hire will also sway the cost as experienced companies will typically use the highest grade materials, provide insurance, and guarantee certification. Soul-traders and non-registered pool fencers found on most service-seeking sites may offer very low costs but keep in mind when something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Aluminium and glass pool fencing are the most popular selections for pool fencing with aluminium being the cheapest option and frameless glass being the most expensive. At Mermaid Fencing we find semi-frameless glass to be the best bang for your buck as it is highly durable, well-priced and looks fantastic.

Factors that impact pool fence costs

There are a few factors, like glass, spigot and aluminium quality & thickness that can impact the cost of building a pool enclosure. Here are more details on how these factors affect pool fencing costs: 

Thickness – Pool fence installers recommend an 8mm to 12mm thickness due to the chance for impact or strong winds. Time and time again we received enquiries of broken glass and damaged pool fences because of wind or slight bumps which is why you should always ask your pool fencing company what they are using before the install. While it is acceptable to use a 10mm glass thickness, a 15mm will provide better safety, the last thing you want is glass to shatter with people around and cleaning glass out of the pool can be a headache. Aluminium pool fencing prices also vary according to the quality of materials used.

Size of your fence – The length and height is another factor that plays a part in the cost of a pool fence. Adding structures, such as pool houses or sunbathing areas, will increase the amount of fence that is required. Adding an aluminium balustrade for decorative purposes always adds time to the cost of labour and more materials to the quote.

To get a better idea of pool fencing costs you can get in touch with Mermaid Fencing here. We will happily provide you a free measure and quote.

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